Who is BEN?

BEN is an independent association of organisations offering free supplementary learning opportunities for Bermuda’s public school students. We secure funding for investment in targeted projects involving our member organisations and public schools.

For teens: academic school year expeditions and summer programs that offer opportunities to develop new perspectives and global skills.

For younger students: enrichment programs during school hours and summer camp resources.

For teachers: professional development programs for both public and private school teachers using Artful Thinking, a cognitive development program from Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero.

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Bermuda's public schools need your support NOW!

Help us give Bermuda's public school children additional opportunities by supporting our successful school partnerships at three primary schools and our Horizons experiential learning programme. Your donation can help us steer more children towards success and help schools reach beyond their allotted resources.

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Introducing Horizons

Watch and find out more about Horizons - BEN's exciting new adventure-learning programme. For more information about Horizons see our Programs page

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